The Jazz Dudes

Event Date: March 27, 2022 6:00 pm
Event Cost: $0

The Jazz Dudes with Barney McClure, Pierre Archain and Greg Hester.

Barney McClure learned to arrange in the Army during the sixties in Europe and continued in Hollywood for many years. His performances have taken him all over Europe, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Canada and the US. You can hear Barney in the movie ~Officer and a Gentleman~, and the soundtrack of ~Mr. Holland’s Opus~

Greg Hester has been a professional musician for 50 years. He has performed both though out America
and Europe. His repertoire includes classic jazz, be-bop, latin and originals.

Pierre Archain is a self taught musician, has performed in Europe and North America for over 40 years. Went to Cuba in 1993 to study at the Escuala Del Arte in Havana while performing with Salsa Bands in the San Francisco/Bay Area at that time.

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